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Macadamias grown
in sunny Nelson
New Zealand

Welcome to Karapuke Macadamias
Know us, know the source

We apologise but we have been unable to crop this year and are now out of stock!
Thanks for your interest and we hope to be back in business by the end of 2022.

The Macadamia Story

Macadamias are native to northern New South Wales and South-eastern Queensland (Australia) but are now grown all over the world. We believe that, here at Karapuke Macadamias, we are the southern most commercial macadamias orchard in the world and macadamias can only be grown here in Haycock Road Hope due to its frost-free micro-climate.
Macadamias are high in dietary fibre, are gluten-free and contain no cholesterol! They have a healthy mono-unsaturated fat content, rich in Omega 3. Macadamias are full of vitamins and essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and zinc. A superfood created entirely by the hand of nature!

More about Macadamias

We appreciate today’s consumers like to know more about the ‘who, where & how’.

Maggie and John Hillock acquired Karapuke Macadamia farm as a going concern, formerly known as ‘Stoney Grove’. The 700 macadamia trees were planted here in the early 2000’s.

Karapuke orchard is located in Hope, a rural area of Nelson with maximum sunshine and a relatively frost-free environment. This climate allows excellent natural maturing of the kernels. “The trees are thriving and we do not spray our trees”.

Macadamia kernels are cracked on site and to order, ensuring maximum quality and freshness. Nuts can be provided in retail ready bags of varying sizes and can be vacuum packed for prolonged freshness. We courier macadamias New Zealand wide.  

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